At first, we listen to our clients to understand them & their needs. It’s because only listening to you carefully, knowing who you are, what you do, your targeted customers and objectives.


You need a good plan to make things better, and we do. Our team sits down together, takes brainstorming sessions to draw out exactly the roadmap in details.


Now it’s time for development creative concepts to start bringing strategy to be real. Our team will try a lots of ideas with iteractive approach, be ready to kill what doesn’t work and starting over.


This is the phase to translate creative concepts into a full program that goes live. Implementation often includes a complex array of workstreams, tracks and activities, which can include interaction design.


At planning phase, we have already defined all Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and metrics for success. And this phase, we take into account tracking and analyzing works in order to measure campaign.


By using the collected data from measure phase, we analyze and optimize all our works to make things improved over time. If it’s an website, we take a deep look to see how we can continually drive.